Friday, October 3, 2008

Creative Escape 2008
(really long post)

Well My last weekend of summer vacation was spent in ARIZONA!!
What a blast it was. I went to an event called Creative Escape, Heidi Swapp who is a famous celebrity scrapbooker was our host along with Doug Jones(he is the owner of the Bazzill Paper company.) These pictures are of me (oh yaa with my haircut 6 inches) and all the teachers at the event. I will list them from top to bottom left to right; Kelly Goree, Kolette Hall, Mr. Bazzill, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Heidi Swapp, (2 picts cause she's my fave) Janet Hopkins, Jason Hall (keynote speaker), Jenni Bowlin, and the teacher that won a tresure hunt and got picked to teach ,along with some other benefits; Jessica Guthrie.
We made so many fun projects.I learned alot of new techniques. Got tons of free LOOT. Man do they spoil you. I needed an extra suitcase to carry home just the free stuff they give you. This was suggested, so I brought the biggest one I had. And I could have used a third .
The event was 3 days long. We registered and attended a technique boutique on Thursday, and at night we went to the opening ceremony. The following day we got up bright and early to starbucks coffee, freshly squeezed OJ and a HUGE buffett breakast. We then had a list on our name tag that let us know what classes we would attend. All 600 people attended the same 8 classes, but you are split up into groups of 70 each. So 4 classes on Friday and then 4 classes on Saturday. Saturday night was the closing dinner ceremony. Guess what we had FIRST???
DESSERT, how cool was that. I was a little worried that I would be full but no there was enough time in between.
I ended up winning a year long class hosted by Kolette Hall and her husband Jason Hall. The class luckily doesn't start until January. I am really looking forward to that. You see Jason Hall was our keynote speaker, WoW is what I have to say about him. I will tell you a little bit. When he was 15 years old he was in a diving accident, and then at 25 he was in a car accident. He survived both,but he is now a quadroplegic (sp). So he is confined to a wheelchair. He told us a bunch of stories about his life, family and his wife and as soon as you were about to cry,boom he would tell you a joke. He just flowed so nicely. And somehow managed to relate many of his stories to scrapbooking. If he is ever in your area try to get a chance to here him speak.
You can check out his story and get more info about him on his website: . Listening to him changed the way I view many situations in life. Very motivational and positive.
Did I mention the food was amazing. And all included. The hotel another WOW. it was called, wait are you ready for this The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort. 5 stars yes!!!
Well this is an extemly long post and I have so much more to share from September 8th on.
2 little things really quick about my kids Toni landed her back hand spring, and Shawn scored his first touchdown yeaaahhhhh. More pict to come later.
Bye for now

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A quick post with a layout, to share.
Summer is going great and has been quite busy.
We are in between baseball games and cheering
the beach and hanging out at home.
It's very late so I'll post more tomorrow.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

up and running again

Well how long has it been?
I have totally slacked in bogging. I have not had a computer for oh about three months.
we were running all sorts of programs on it trying to fix it ourselves ans avoid calling on the GEEK squad. So after a little time dedication we did it.

What has been going, the kids finished 3rd and 6th grade, Antonnia has started cheerinq again for NQA. Shawn did a week of football camp and Loved IT.
I am oFF for the summer and I'm lovin' it.
Have some proijects I need to complete, some things I want to start up and a little bit of basement cleaning, and a huge list of to do's.
This all for now i want to download my camera photostitch back on to my computer so I can post some new layouts I have been working on.
Bye for now

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Miss America 2008

I found it, so it turns out that i did save it did upload. Isn't she a cutie.
This is my new niece, now 2 months old, 12 pounds and THOSE BIG Brown eyes Sooooo cute. so here she is Miss America 2008.
Her name is Isabella Ariel "Bella" for short.

I am trying to be a good blogger.
This weekend we went to my nephews christening, Enzo and Sonny
(Sonny is my new Godson,I feel so honored).It was a fantastic day and a fun time was had by all.
Antonnia had a fun time taking care of all the little ones, she had them coloring and taking walks. She loves when she is around all of her cousins. Shawn Michael also had a fun time, there was actually another boy at the party, Matteo and he is the same age. They had fun giving eachother piggy backs and walking around inspecting the place out.
I also had a cute picture of my new niece I want to post but I still can't get my pictures to upload.
This layout is of Antonnia when she was 2 years old and now at 11 years old , this year.
Enjoy them when they are little because they get big so quick.
Enjoy your week :) :) :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well it sure has been a long time since my last post. We have been super busy.

Toni my darling daughter and I headed to Florida on a cheer leading trip. She was cheering with her team at the Capital one bowl on New Years day. We had a blast.X-mas was super busy and i was shocked when my super great husband gave me a new camera with a SUPER big screen, (love It).It was perfect time for our trip.

My children had a great X-mas with their new Ipods and tall chestnut Uggs, roller skates, ice skates and did I mention $$$$$ galore.

Oh wait can't forget their new jackets or what my son refers to as his NORTH FACE.

My hubby just spent a week in London and Scotland for business,he had a good time for what little he got to see.

Now to my title, I left a comment on a celebrity scrapbookers blog and I won a huge stash of her ribbon. She is Heidi Swapps education coordinator. Heidi Swapp is my favorite scrapbooking designer.I was so excited and I just had to share. For some reason I can't post my winnings, this computer won't let me but as soon as it does I will share.

Well right now my daughter and I are home sick from school and work, strep throat, ear infections and sinus infections is what we have. YUCK the boys need to stay away from us. (the boys meaning my hubby and son) don';t want to get them sick!!!

Buy for now.

Did I mention I will be taking a class with my favorite scrapbooking designers when I travel to Arizona in the Fall YEAH for meeeeeeeeeee:)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch up

WOW it has been so long since I have blogged.
It has been a very busy couple of months, I am back to a new kindergarten school year. I have a fabulous class,the children in my class this year are awesome they are so smart, helpful and love to learn. So teaching keeps really busy although I only work until 2 pm everyday, there is alotof paper work involved in it. We do portfolios,assessments,curriculum,quarterly progress reports and are trying for an accreditation.BUSY stuff.
So in home life my sister-in-law got married. It was BEAUTIFUL, and everything was perfect. My two other sister in-laws are still preggers one is due any day now and the other in about a month (don't think she'll go that long though). We know one is a boy and the other is still unknown (thanks Chuckie). My nephew turned 1 a couple of months ago and he is walking ,so cute. And so not shy at all (love that).
My super smart daughter is in the 6 th grade this year and is doing amazing.Currently she is involved in cheering for her school basketball team, the drama club, cheering for our towns football team,writing for the school newspaper,and delivering our local newspaper. And has fantastic grades. Go Toni. Did I mention she just turned 11.
My son is also loving 3rd grade and all that science,computer and GYM have to offer.He is also keeping fantastic grades as well.This is a quiet 1st half of the year for him he doesn't do any fall sports (football starts next year he can't wait) In the spring he starts baseball, lacrosse,and track. This schedule balances us .And Shawn helps with the route on the days Antonnia has activities right after school (2 days a week) which is very helpful. My hubby is doing very well also, he was able to make it to 2 Red Sox games last week for the ALCS.
I was able to go scrapping this past weekend with my sis-in-law down the cape. I was able to get a few pages done, my Disney one that is up above was inspired by Alie because she was working on her wedding album (she got married in Disney).I also love the pictures of our family in this Layout.
Which brings me to my last bit of good news in this very long post. My daughter and her cheering team will be cheering down in Florida at the Capital One Bowl on January 1st at the pre game show. How Exciting
So we will be traveling a few days after X-mas for a few days of intense practice, followed by some fun at the parks and then the BIG game.
Happy Halloween. We will be attending the kids dance tonight Shawn is going as John Seena (sp?), and Toni is going to be a rock star. Now I have an excuse to buy the rock star collection scrapbooking paper. YIPEEEEE.
Bye for now

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Well I tried to upload more than one of my entries for the contest that I entered and I am sad to say I did not
make the top ten finals.Oh well there is always next year!However I will try to post additional Layouts as I upload them.
So I just celebrated my 2nd Anniversary,it is the year to be gifted cotton.Needless to say my darling husband went above and beyond in his research.My gifts included cotton gardening gloves,so we could plant together Cosmos(the flower of the second anniversary),cotton bed sheets, a new red cotton bathrobe (red is the color for the 2nd anniversary) and he also likes to incorporate something from our wedding so he gave me a cotton bed pillow with one of our favorite wedding photos on it.How sweet is he,to put so much thought into a gift . {Love you strange one.} We also went to the Capital Grille, which is a well known steak house in Boston.The appetizer was a warm pan seared prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil, YUM. Dinner was for me the only chicken dish on the menu.Which happened to be a whole chicken,I also got Au gratin potatoes{double yum}.Kevin got a Delmonico steak, lobster mac and cheese, and a bowl of lobster chowder ? When we were finished the Waiter came over with a flour less chocolate espresso cake with home made whip cream and fresh raspberries{quadruple YUM}, with a candle inside.They wished us a happy anniversary and took a picture of us with their camera, printed it, and framed it. We had a fabulous time!!! Enough for now I Will post again Minyana.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Enjoying Summer

We are back from Vermont and a great time was had by all.The children had fun swimming, rope swinging,and more swimming.{ I to went on the rope swing, clothes and all } it was more of a dare, and I have to admit it was pretty fun. Colleen and I went to our favorite scrapbooking store called "the scrapbook nook".That was the relaxing time.The guys had fun taking boat rides, playing video game golf and their Daddy juice.

About this layout,well we decided to have a challenge.It was to create a black and white layout with only one color.I chose pink as my 1 color.

Summer has been terrific so far,alot of accomplishments have been checked off my to do list. Work I don't miss it one bit.Today we went to a birthday party at a place called Monster Golf,it is a glow in the dark indoor mini golf place.Great for a rainy day. The whole set up of the place reminded me of The Haunted Mansion in Disney.Very cool. I highly recomend this place,it was a little bit of a distance in Norwood,but I heard they were opening one up in Quincy !!!

Well off to get fitted for cheerleading uniforms and then to track possibly(rain),not sure. till next time.

Peace love and scrapbooking ck